Tween Girls Bedroom Ideas: Collaborative Room Makeover

Posted by on April 11, 2017

Making over a tween girls bedroom is really easy….. if you’re a mind reading, telepathic, interpretative and future predictive genius.

So, in other words – it’s bloody TOUGH to decorate a tween girl’s bedroom.  Even for me and I have my own tween girls bedroom to practice on.

That said, let’s amp up the difficulty factor.

Imagine you’re a Dad, who can decorate a man cave or an outdoor BBQ area like a boss.

Now apply that skill to decorating a 10yr old girl’s room. Yep – decorating just got harder.

 jess room before 3 jess room before 4 jess room before 6

In the big scheme of things, Dad had done a pretty awesome job.

They’d incorporated her favourite colours, had her personal touches and the start of some good storage space.

But when I had the chance to style a print from Little Rae Prints, this seemed like the perfect forever home for it.

Getting ready for a tween girls bedroom makeover

Decluttering is THE FIRST STEP to making over any room.

This is my technique:

Step 1.  Get a bag and throw out all the stuff you know is rubbish.

Step 2.  Get another bag and repeat.

Step 3.  Get another bag and repeat.

Step 4.  Get another bag and donate anything else that isn’t rubbish.


Seriously, now is the time to be ruthless, not precious.

If they haven’t used it in ages, but you can’t convince them to donate or chuck it, store it away for a month or two.

If it hasn’t been brought up/raised/missed or sought after, you can head back to Step 1.

jess room before 2 jess room before 1

A fresh coat of paint can help with the decluttering process too as you move stuff out during prep.

For this room, the blue HAD to go.  The desk nook is such a cool space, but the colour really closed it in.

After a little bit of deliberation, Dad painted it in Taubmans Crisp White.

He also removed the lower shelf to allow for an LED light in the top shelf, and ditched glass panels (which were hiding some weathered walls).

We also got rid of this IKEA shelving unit (it had seen better days) to allow for some extra floor space.

Choosing the right decor for a tween girls bedroom

I say it all the time that interior styling for kids needs to be REAL.

It needs to be stuff that grows with them, that they can use and THAT THEY LOVE.

This particular 10yr old loves animals, aqua/blue and drawing.  So that’s the direction that we headed in.

tween girls bedroom inspiration

She had a beautiful double bed to begin with, so I just added  fresh white quilt cover (on sale from Pillowtalk), and some gorgeous cushions.

Cuddle Swan Print – Little Rae Prints

Grey Diamond Drop – Pol and Pom

Clouds Pillowcase – Moonlit Sleep

Heart Pillow with pompom – Piccolo Studio Sarah

Pink and Black Kisses Cushion – And The Little Dog Laughed

kids bedding ideas

I can never resist a good throw or blanket for a kids bed.  Especially when it’s a gorgeous handmade 100% natural wool blanket from Polka Co.  And it has pompoms.

As this is an investment piece, I chose a black. grey and white colour for the blanket so that it can grow with the room. Stunning huh.

You’ll see in the background here there is a mobile – mobiles are definitely not just for babies!  I’ve seen the COOLEST hot air balloon, aeroplanes and nature mobiles that should take pride of place in a kids room, and this ice cream mobile by Pequeno Sueno is definitely one of them.

tween girls bedding

Adding is also a fun part of kids rooms – try and steer away from completely modern pieces and add some points of interest.

I found this AWESOME vintage side table on gumtree for a bargain $25, which had the perfect tones and style to complement the side table pieces.

girls bedside table inspiration

 tween teen girls sidetable

Lamp – Officeworks

Blush Clown – The Giggle Factory

Custom Foil Name Print – Alex and Archer

Because every tween girls bedroom needs a reading nook

Or a place just to hang out when friends come over.

tween reading nook

Now this part of the room is right near the entry way, so I didn’t want to clutter it up.

The Home Day Mini Mod Beanbag chair HAD to be here.  Had to.  I love how neat and tidy (and cute) it looks, and with the added pop of the RJ & Eddie pony head to watch over, it makes a sweet space.

kids reading nook

Remember all those stuffed toys on the bed?? Well, they are all in this bunting storage bag from Cooper’s Crib.

We kept up with her favourite colours and interests in the decor pieces on this wall.



Swan Shelf – Bear and Sparrow

Heart Stacker & Fairy – Willows Fairy World

Deer with Butterfly – Belle & Bo

Hanging Shell Mirror – Bon Maxie

Customised Mini Letters – Heart String

Square Ballerina Box – Red Tree Pom Poms

Desk Nook for a Tween Girls Bedroom

tween girls workspace


What a transformation.  We added a simple and comfy desk chair from Officeworks, along with all the stuff that this budding little artist needs to get her creative on.

On the top shelf, I used these ultra light felt baskets from Willow and Wood for Jess to put all her “bits and pieces” in.

By keeping the desk lines clean and bright, it allows for the colour of all the gorgeous stationary and artwork to be the show stoppers.

The caddy and all notebooks, artbooks, pushpins, stationary and desk accessories – Officeworks

Cat Placie – We Might be Tiny

Pin Board – Sachi and Daphs

tween girls room workspace Tween Girls Bedroom Makeover Collaboration_2 girls desk ideas inspiration

Wall Hook – Knobbly

Headphones – Officeworks

Customised text cosmetic bag/pencil case – Colour and Spice.

Tween Girls Bedroom Makeover Collaboration_1 tween girls room decor ideas

To fully get what this little pear is (apart from being super cute), he’s a Messenger Pear from A Peachy Pear

You write a special little note and pop it inside.  It could be from a fairy, or just a note with a special meaning.

Because not even tweenagers are too old for little messages.

Tween Girls Bedroom Makeover Collaboration_3

That’s it!

No massive changes, just smart changes to keep everything clean and tidy (ummmmm, no guarantees there so don’t hold me to it).

Thanks to everyone who contributed products to this beautiful tween girls bedroom makeover.

And a MASSIVE thanks to Penny Lonie Creative for capturing this room so beautifully.

Her words when she saw it?? I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT (including a happy dance and clapping).

Let me know your thoughts on the transformation!

Love Kel xx