Tween Room Birthday Makeover for Mia

Posted by on November 6, 2016


Turning double digits is a pretty big deal.

It’s the kid’s equivalent of us hitting the big 5-0 I think, except without the mid-life crisis looming overhead.

Tweens are notoriously hard to buy birthday presents for .

What they want is either 18 gazillion dollars and not even released by Apple yet, or they are elusive and can’t commit to exactly what they want for 5 consecutive days, leaving you with the feeling that whatever you choose for them will be yesterday’s choice.

Seeing as they may be spending a lot of time in their rooms (I could say doing homework), sulking or just escaping into their own Minecraft world, then creating their own unique, personalised and gorgeous hideaway is an awesome gift that will keep on giving long after last week’s trend has been forgotten.

As long as you make the room about them.

My friend Lisa-Marie (owner, designer and awesome chick over at Bear and Sparrow), wanted to give her daughter Mia a room makeover for her 10th birthday.  This is how we did it.

The brief

Our brief was pretty simple.  Not too girly.  Not too much pink.  Inspiring, happy, calm, somewhere to read, cool prints and images…  Mia put together a moodboard, containing snippits of decor or room styles that she liked, which was a huge help for us to see the kind of things she wanted for her space.

We asked Mia to choose any of her current decor, toys and favourite bits and pieces that she wanted to keep in her new room, and  then spent the next few weeks planning, scheming and spending to get the room PERFECT for Mia.

The colours

It started with a headband as our inspiration.  Yep, we took the colour palette from this gorgeous navy, gold, nude and pink headband that Mia loves and absolutely ran with it.

colour inspiration













The Stuff

For those who follow me on Instagram,  you’ll know that I rant on about getting your kids involved in choosing pieces for their spaces.

This gives them a sense of ownership of their room and belongings, and also takes the room in a direction you might not have chosen, but in the way that will work for both them, you, and your home.

Get them to choose the “big ticket”items with you.  This doesn’t mean they have to see it straight away, so it can still be a surprise for their birthday, but it means they are guaranteed to love it and it can guide the rest of your decor choices (ie: make it easier to pick out stuff they’ll actually like).

Win win.

The Result


We were pretty happy with how it all came together.  This is how it looked on shoot day, after a lot of giggling and laughing (I’m sure I have way too much fun styling kids rooms).

The most important thing was that when Mia came home from school, she LOVED it. Woop woop! Nailed it 🙂

tween bedroom

dsc_0004-copy dsc_0006-copy dsc_0104-copy dsc_0166-copy dsc_0169-copy

dsc_0058-copy dsc_0066-copy dsc_0077-copy dsc_0091-copy dsc_0128-copy

dsc_0047-copy dsc_0135-copy dsc_0136-copy dsc_0137-copy dsc_0143-copy dsc_0148-copy dsc_0159-copy

Balloons – Favorlane Party Boutique

M letter, Camera photo frame and Radio Shadow Box – Bear and Sparrow

Green pencilcase – Poppy and the Wolf

Alice in Oz Print – Natalie Briney Artist

“Beautiful Print, Felt ball garland – Toucan

Heart Flowers and Candle Stick Flowers – That Little Nook

Stationary – Officeworks

Printed Instagram Photos – Pocket Prints App

Custom Dolls – Down 2 Earth Dolls

Love Moneybox – Mini Morriss

Ballerina Doll – Nana Huchy

Shoes – Pavement Brands

Knot Cushion – Hello Mia Shop

Face Cushion – Eclectic Critters

Forest Print – FizzyPop Designs

Dream Catcher – Lotti and Bella

Beanbag – Baud and Co

Bow Girl Wall Print – Oh Hello Wall Prints

Pom Pom Blanket – Willow and the Owl