Oh hey there!

You're probably wondering what makes me qualified to run this blog.  Or not.

Rather than go into a spiel, I'll keep it short and sweet. 

Cos ain't no one got time for reading an essay about a total stranger (am I right?)


  • I had 5 babies in 8yrs, one girl then 4 boys.

  • I don't know anything about raising boys, except my toilet smells like wee.

  • I cook the same recipes over and over again because: easy.

  • I was an RN for 12yrs which means that unless you need an ambulance, all you're getting is an icepack.

  • I live in Brisbane, Qld Australia. It's hot here, there's lots of sun and I burn really easily.

  • I think I want to study something, but can't decide what yet.

  • I love buying new things.

  • I don't have any money to buy new things.

  • I can't believe how much food 5 children consume (see point 3 and 8).

  • I can't believe I've summed up my life in 10 dot points.


Of course there is a whole lot more to me, but we just met so I don't want to scare you off.

What exactly do i do?

That's a bloody good question *awkward pause*

I think my job title would be something like:

"I decorate our home with cool stuff, take photos of it and share it on Instagram or Facebook".

That's a long job description.

My subtitle would be:

"I also write articles about parenting, products, photoshoots and random stuff".

I've worked with brands such as Snooze Australia, Andersens and Karndean Flooring and had articles published across Babiekins Magazine, Kidspot, Tinitrader.

I regularly contribute to a number of online blogs for local and national brands, as well as styling products in my home and as part of collaborative photoshoots.

Actually, I'm going to rethink my job title.

Parent, write, style, photograph and review. Yep, that's my jam.

Enjoy my blog!

Kel x

PS - I get a bit nervous/excited when I meet new people, so if we ever meet face to face I will probably babble incoherently. 

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